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Golden South Sea Pearls

golden south sea pearls

No other gemstone can rival the unique beauty of a Golden South Sea pearl. Its buttery golden hue and deep lustre is sure to take your breath away.

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May 10, 2024
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Golden South Sea Pearls – A Touch of Elegant Glam

Golden South Sea Pearls come from the largest pearl-producing oysters on the planet. Once the saltwater oysters are bead-nucleated, it can take up to 2-4 years for them to fully form, so they are quite rare. All of these factors make it possible for the hosts to produce very large pearls.

Golden South Sea Pearls and Their Impressive Sizes

A pearl of this type will generally be no smaller than 8 millimetres, with the average gem running between 10-13 millimetres in size. However, there have been some rare and remarkable cultured Golden South Sea Pearls discovered in the world that were as big as 20 millimetres. Such impressive sizes help these gemstones retain their market value forever.

The Value of Golden South Sea Pearls

There are many types of cultured pearls on the jewellery market today. However, none beat the value of the Golden South Sea Pearls. Combine their relative scarcity with their large size, and there’s no wonder these gemstones are some of the most desirable in the world.

The value of Golden South Sea Pearls heavily depends on the pearls’ colours, with the deepest golden colour being the most valuable. This is often referred to as the 24-karat of Golden South Sea Pearls. Gold-lip South Sea oysters create gems that range in colours from white to deep gold and feature champagne and yellowish hues. Their beauty is transformed through the golden colors of these exquisite gemstones.

The Nacre of Golden South Sea Pearls

These large cultured pearls come with very thick nacre, which is why they are extremely strong and resilient. This makes them just right for creating pearl jewellery. No two pearls are alike, and not every cultured Golden South Sea pearl is perfectly round. Instead, these astonishing gems can also be found in the drop, circle, and baroque shapes as well.

No other gemstone can rival the unique beauty of Golden South Sea Pearls. Their buttery golden hues and deep, rich lustre are sure to take your breath away.