The Pearl Source Testimonials
July 19, 2017

The bracelet is absolutely beautiful. The size and color of the pearls is perfect.

Michelle E , North Billerica, MA
9-10mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Bracelet - AAAA Quality
July 19, 2017

The earrings are beautiful and I was very pleased with the processing and shipment time.

Charles S , Port Trevorton, PENNSYLVANIA
Golden Pearl & Diamond Michelle Earrings
July 16, 2017

Excellent product, great quality, good price and arrived on time!

Raisa V , Brooklyn, NY
7-8mm White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
July 16, 2017

Absolutely gorgeous pearl earrings which match my necklace and ring to a T. Lovely 30th Anniversary gift from my loving husband.

RICHARD P , Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire
8mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings- Various Colors
July 14, 2017

I bought these pearls as a gift for my wife, to celebrate our "Pearl Wedding Anniversary" (30th). She is thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship. I must thank your staff, especially Lauren, nothing was too much bother and they were superb in recommendations as to length required etc. Our thanks to you and your team. Kevin M.

Kevin M , Loughrea , Galway
Triple Strand White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
July 12, 2017

This is my first pearl necklace and I am so happy that I chose "The Pearl Source". My pearl necklace is just gorgeous, very beautiful pearls and very good quality! This is an excellent store with excellent customer service. I can highly recommend this store. I have already bought one more 24 inch pearl necklace, that is just as beautiful as my 17inch. The pearl earrings exceeded my expectations. As for me, I will remain a Customer of Pearl Source for many years to come.

Petra I , DENVER, CO
9-10mm White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
July 12, 2017

The necklace was quite beautiful and they have a nice luster. We are giving them to our future daughter-in-law.

7-8mm White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
July 10, 2017

I love my earrings! You're company is knowledgeable and honest. Look foward to doing business with you again. Sheree Turk

Sheree A , Eastville, VA
6.0-6.5mm Black Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings
July 10, 2017

Again, your pearls are beautiful!! My necklace is just beautiful!! Your company is excellent in product and service!! In the future, I hope to purchase from your company again. I thank you greatly for your excellent assistance with my order and very quick shipment!! Keep up the great quality with your pearls and service!!

Lura D P , Celina, TN
7.0-7.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace- AA+ Quality
July 10, 2017

Pear Source absolutely exceeded our expectations. The Hanadama pearls are really a cut above and look flawless & very very lustrous. The earrings were a birthday present to match my wife's necklace. I was a bit nervous about buying pearls online but between the helpful chat and the terrific descriptions & photos it was easy. The earrings were packaged beautifully and the certification/grading insert was a nice touch. My wife LOVED them so it was mission accomplished. I was very pleased dealing with the Pearl Source and would do so again anytime. Highly recommended.

Matthew G , Lakewood, WA
8.5-9.0mm Hanadama Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings
July 9, 2017

I received a beautiful ring. I upgraded to AAAA and to 12mm. It's a pearl, the bigger the better. Quick delivery.

Gloria L , Pace, FL
South Sea Pearl Abigail Ring
July 7, 2017

Beautiful pendant! I purchased to wear on my wedding day, and it is exactly as expected.

Elizabeth H , Natick, MA
Golden Pearl & Diamond Amelia Pendant
July 7, 2017

Just perfect

Jenny D , Auckland , NZ
Pink Freshwater Pearl Linda Dangling Earrings
July 5, 2017

More beautiful than I anticipated and will go perfectly with my new Akoya Pearl Necklace.

Valerie S , Roseville, CA
Akoya Pearl & Diamond Susan Earrings in White Gold
July 5, 2017

I was concerned about ordering costly Akoya Pearls over the Internet; however my new necklace is beautiful and was very well priced.

Valerie S , Roseville, CA
8.0-8.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace- AAA Quality

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Here are what other customers of The Pearl Source have to say about their experiences with us:

I bought this necklace for my wife for our 30th anniversary and it was a big hit! I had not purchased from the Pearl Source before, and asked a professional jewelry appraiser to look at the necklace. She said, "The pearls exhibited a very good surface luster, very well matched with very low blemishes and very round shapes." She did not give an official valuation, but did some checking and it was evident from this that the pearls were also a good value. She mentioned that she had been informed that the Japan Pearl Science Laboratory is one of the best testing laboratories.
I am very satisfied with my purchase and the reception it received from my wife. I am also please with the excellent service and support provided by the Pearl Source staff and management.
Richard M.

This is my fourth order from you in the past couple of years, and as always the pearls are beautiful and the service has been superb! My wife loves the Baroque Tahitians and they are exquisite in the white gold. They have a wonderful, unique character. I'm certainly not one of your premier customers from the testimonials that I have read. Yet each time I have ordered from The Pearl Source, I feel that you have gone out of your way for me. Thank you. I'm sure I will be calling again soon
Ronny M.

Leon, Thank you so much for doing such a great job matching my pearls and extending them to 54 inches. I absolutely love the job you did and I will recommend you to everyone ! In my job, I come in contact with a lot of women and I plan on spreading the word. You biggest fan in the East.
Janet S.

Outstanding!! What you see is what you get. The 9-11mm Black Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace are beautiful. Not to mention that I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon and received it the next day. Customer Service was also very helpful making me feel comfortable ordering expensive jewelry online. Not used to doing this; usually I like to see and touch before I purchase. Thank you!
Anthony G.

I would like to thank you for a great shopping experience with you and your company. First and most importantly, it was a pleasure having you fulfill my order over the phone. You attended to my inquires and assured me that your product would meet my expectations for which it did. Secondly, I don't generally shop on line, but your website presentation of the Pearls and settings made my buying that much easier. Lastly, your customer service was fantastic, and well as your Pearl Ring that arrived as promised in time for Mother's day, for which my wife was completed delighted. Thank you once again.
J. Carreras

I recently purchased a bracelet, earrings and pendant from you, all set with golden south sea pearls. I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with both the quality of the jewelry and the service I received. I got everything within 2 days of my order which was much faster than I expected. Also, the jewelry was absolutely exquisite. Each piece literally took my breath away. I will be making more purchases from your company! Thank you very much!!
Celia W.

Dear Leon: You have outdone yourself... Not only are they gorgeous, lustrous, and superb, but you have a great eye to match the color to the single Tahitian pearl I ordered a year ago! I am amazed at the consistency of the color and quality of your pearls. AND, the size you picked for me is PERFECT! I think you are a God that has fallen from the sky...
With appreciation, S. WOLTER

I just received the pearls and am extremely pleased with the quality. I did considerable shopping around for quality and price and you are certainly at the top of the list.
Best, S. Nettles

Dear Leon, My golden pearls arrived today. I love them so much. Thank you for your help on the phone. They are exactly as you said they would be. I have not had them off all day. I must have looked silly at the grocery store!

I wanted to thank you for rectifying the error in my shipment so quickly. Because of your exemplary customer service, I will have the correct merchandise in time for my wife's 40th. I understand that mistakes happen, but it's the manner in which they are handled that sets companies apart from one another. The manner and speed with which your company resolved this situation will guarantee that I will shop with you again in the future. Thank you again.

Usually I'm a very easy going customer - all I want is a little perfection in my buying experience. Well after spending two weeks on-line trying to find some pearls for my wife I was very happy to come across The Pearl Source. Of-course I was a bit apprehensive, I was paying a lot of money to an online shop, so I called. I got to speak with both Leon and Sarah, and they were wonderful, knowledgeable, and refreshingly honest. Leon helped me choose a pendant to match the earrings, and agreed to make in the white gold, which was not on the menu. They shipped my order, but because of the weather conditions the Fed-Ex could not deliver it in time for Valentine's day. I panicked and called them, to cancel the order, so I can spend the money elsewhere (I still needed a present). Leon said that it was ok, and shipped a replacement order overnight. Now that's customer service. He trusted me, and he saved me, and my wife and I have a wonderful Valentine's day. To me The Pearl Source is not just a place to buy pearls, to me it is a source for the nearly forgotten feeling of the good old American service, where people would go an extra mile or extra ten miles, just to make they have a happy customer. They certainly exceeded my expectations.
Vadim G.

A few weeks ago I placed my first order with the Pearl Source - for a stunning 9-10mm AAA freshwater pearl necklace. I was so impressed with it (my friends thought they were South Sea pearls) that I took advantage of your recent (and very generous) promotion of a complimentary pair of earrings with all Tahitian necklaces. I must tell you that I have spent a long time searching for a strand of round Tahitians which are good quality and affordable. This has not been an easy task and I have visited all my local high-end jewellers, only to be disappointed. I was thrilled when I discovered your multi-colour Tahitian necklaces, but I prepared myself to accept some compromise on quality for the price. My pearls arrived yesterday and they are breathtaking. The lustre is incredible, better even than the very costly strands I have viewed at the jewellers, and the array of colours are such that I can wear this piece with everything in my wardrobe. In fact I am amazed by my new necklace - I feel like a million dollars when I wear it. The earrings are a perfect match, too, and as before the service was fast and efficient. I'm looking forward to shopping with you again. Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas.
Kind regards, Lindsay

I just received the most beautiful pearl in the Cosmos. I can't believe the luster, green color and the size. It is magnificient. I have been looking for a while and have one in particular pearl that I ordered from another source and I compared it and all I could say was, "oh my God what a beauty, what a beauty Leon's pearl is." Your company is definitely the best source for pearls. Can't thank you enough except to order my pearl earrings to go with it. I will send you a photo when it is attached to my diamond stick. Believe it or not, it enhances the diamonds. Right size to compliment the diamond stick.
Thank you again. S. Wolter

As a very well-informed jewelry buyer, I was pretty sure I was choosing the best vendor from whom to buy a multi-color Tahitian pearl strand. The Pearl Source did not disappoint. My 11-12 mm strand arrived this morning and it is magnificent. The luster, the colors, the perfect roundness and the artful arrangement of the pearls is all I could have hoped for. I have every expectation that this necklace would have sold for between $10,000 and $17,000 in a retail jewelry store situation. My husband paid about $3,000 for my necklace. I am thrilled and I will be back when I am ready for a white South Sea pearl strand. Many thanks, Leon and The Pearl Source! PMF, Arlington, Virginia

Just an abbreviated note to express my sincere gratitude to both you and the many others that made this piece the sensation that it is . (pearl divers/gathers/hunters/and stringers included) It's truly breath taking. Although, all the info was/is on your detailed web page, thank you for taking the time to educate me on pearl classifications. Secondly,thank you for having the patience/confidence in our transaction........Thank you for providing a piece that will allow me to marvel for years to come!. With Heaps of Appreciation and Sincerity..

I am a repeat customer and every time I have made a purchase from Pearl Source, my pearls turn out to be so much more than what I anticipated. The quality for the price cannot be beat!!! I have enjoyed working with Leon who is professional, honest, and always accommodating. As a jewelry designer, I am an avid lover and collector of Tahitian pearls and I am so happy to have found a supplier that can not only provide EXCELLENT quality but EXCELLENT service as well. You will be very pleased with any beautiful piece of jewelry that you buy from Pearl Source. Thank you Leon!

Hi Leon- I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the beautiful necklace you put together for me. The color and quality of the golden pearls is so nice, and they are matched so well- I love it! -Will be back again.
Thanks so much, M. Woods

The Pendant arrived safely this morning and its lovely. Great service! I shall certainly be back for my Christmas present very soon.Thank you. Kind regards. Jane J.

For a wonderful pearl buying experience, don't hesitate to deal with The Pearl Source. I have dealt with Leon on his eBay site for several years now, and every necklace I have received has been a glorious work of art.The pearls are of the very highest quality with gorgeous colors, deep luster, and smooth, almost blemish-free surfaces.The Pearl Source offers excellent service at extremely reasonable prices. I love all the necklaces I have purchased from Pearlsource and look forward to more wonderful transactions in the future because this is a company I trust.
Linda N.

Dear Potential Pearl Source Customer,

Since November 2005 I have purchased the following items from The Pearl Source:

5 Tahitian pearl 17 inch necklaces. 
3 Pairs of Tahitian pearl stud earrings 9 mm, 11 mm, and 12 mm.
A 11 mm Peacock green Tahitian pearl 14k white gold diamond ring.
21 Fancy exotic colored loose Tahitian pearls for upcoming projects.

Being a skeptical shopper I watched The Pearl Source's auctions for at least a year before deciding to buy pearls from them because I wanted to watch the feedback they received before spending a large sum of money on the internet. 

Prior to purchasing my pearls I decided to be an informed Tahitian pearl consumer so I read a lot of articles on the Internet, some written by the Tahitian Government for consumer education. I also scanned jewelers trade magazines for articles on buying Tahitian pearls. I do work in a jewelry store where I have seen many Tahitian pearls come into the store both good and bad quality.

Finally, for my 31st anniversary I took the plunge and purchased a beautiful 9-11 mm multi color Tahitian pearl 17 inch necklace with a lot of sea green tones for approx $1600.00. I then told my boss about my purchase and he said," For that price it can't be real" I told him I would bring it into the store when it arrived, along with the matching 11 mm stud earrings Leon was also making me to match my necklace. In the mean time, my boss who is a GIA Geologist called all his pearl vendors and tried to replicate my new necklace at his cost. First , he found that he couldn't find enough loose round pearls to make one, let alone a perfectly graduated one. The vendor did quote him a price of $6000.00 wholesale price for some loose random colored Tahitians with unknown quality and color that he could drill himself and try to make into a 17 inch necklace.

While in the ordering process with The Pearl Source I was impressed with the knowledgeable staff who answered all my questions. I was aware of the date my purchase would be delivered, and they even agreed to replace a white pearl I didn't want in my necklace with another color. When picking out the matching earrings I was given large assortment of colors , sizes and quality of pearls to choose from.

When my necklace and earrings arrived they came carefully packaged in beautiful red storage boxes with white outer boxes ready for keeping or gift giving. I excitedly ran down to show my boss my new Tahitian pearls. He was very impressed with the quality of the pearls and their luster. The colors were very unusual and my necklace was definitely ONE OF A KIND , unlike any he had seen in his 25 year career. My boss told me to call The Pearl Source right then and order him in a necklace and loose pearls for some custom pieces for his store for Christmas.

I just love my necklace. It goes with everything from jeans to business suits. The exotic multi color is unusual and very eye catching. The overtones of the pearls seem to take on the color of the clothes you wear them with. I always get positive comments when I wear them. I have a lot of nice jewelry but decided to get two safety deposit boxes and sent it all to the bank for extended storage.

As you can tell from the opening of this letter I have many other new necklaces and earrings I am enjoying these days. All different and very unique. I like that I can control the beautiful exotic colors I buy from The Pearl Source ,also the sizes and pearl quality too.

Customer service comes first at The Pearl Source. The warm, friendly , knowledgeable assistance you get when you purchase your pearls is unique and unusual in the jewelry industry. They actually have your pearls in their HANDS when they talk to you about them on the phone. I look forward to many other purchases with The Pearl Source. 

Thank You, Leon and your family for making my pearls dreams a reality. They truly are gems of the sea purchased from the source. 

Best Regards, Wendy Fairchild

Pearls are the most beautiful gems on earth!!!

Lucky me, I have been to Tahiti (heaven on earth) twice --- and upon my return started saving up for a strand of Tahitian pearls. For my retirement in June of 2005, I purchased a strand of 10-13 mm multi-colored Tahitian pearls from The Pearl Source and had Leon make me a matching bracelet with matching diamond clasps so I could extend by 18" necklace to 25" as an option. What a dream come true when my package arrived at my doorstep --- I even slept in my pearls that night!!! Delighted with my first purchase from The Pearl Source, back I went with my Christmas $$$ and purchased a strand of 10-13 mm golden south sea pearls, 10 mm matching earrings, and the pearl/diamond by-pass bangle bracelet with two 11 mm goldens --- oh my gosh
--- all I can say is Happy New Year to me!!!

Everything I have purchased from The Pearl Source is absolutely fabulous!!! 
Leon is so great to work with --- whatever you want, he will make it happen. 
The quality and prices from The Pearl Source are unbeatable --- I've been to a pearl farm in Tahiti, so I do have a point of reference!! I am already saving up for my next pearl purchase from The Pearl Source --- a strand of white Australian south sea pearls and a strand of eggplant Tahitians are on my 'must have one day' list!!!

The Mississippi Pearl Girl

Calling all clams! Trust only The Pearl Source with your treasured pearls. Leon is a master at matching and choosing exquisite gem-quality pearls for us to enjoy. Kudos to Leon and his team for giving us the opportunity to wear such beautiful wonders of nature.
Susan C., Virginia